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So going from free to subscription based.

How long do people think this subscription thing will last? "It's cheaper per month than one Starbucks coffee" stops working when you have to pay for 100+ Starbucks coffees per month... and then the subscription bubble will crash.

People don't happily sign up for 99 $5 subscriptions and then cancel all of them when they need a 100th. They evaluate the value that each subscription is bringing them, and when they feel they're spending too much they cancel the ones that represent the least value for money. They do that even when they're not signing up for something new. Consequently the subscription bubble won't ever crash, because it's not a bubble. It's just a business model.

It's not a bubble, it's a model for paying for things you value. People used to pay a lot for their TV, satellite dish, VHS tapes, all the space to store them, newspaper subscriptions, 3+ magazine subscriptions, phones (which were actually just phones), long distance calls, etc. We came in and replaced so much of that with software, which is still overall cheaper and much better if you pay for it.

Yeah but all the things you're listing are ongoing services.

Maybe the app in TFA is one too, it does need constant updating because the browser is a moving target right now.

However that doesn't go for the other 3 million productivity apps that want a subscription.

In some cases it works well, I would much rather pay a monthly subscription for Adobe PhotoShop then shell out hundreds of dollars up front for a license. Sure, in the long run I may end up paying more, but psychologically it feels like you are saving.

You are correct that as the number of subscriptions continues to proliferate we will at some point hit subscription saturation, but luckily, with most subscriptions it's as easy to unsubscribe as get started in the first place.

From an HR perspective, I'm sure organizations are already feeling this pain as they look at all of their different teams and the amount of money they are paying for subscriptions.

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