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Ask HN: What Do Hackers Eat?
12 points by julienreszka 12 days ago | hide | past | web | favorite | 22 comments

I'm an omnivore. Chicken, eggs, beef, broccoli, carrots, peas, potatoes, rice, bread, cereal, milk, water, black coffee. Just about anything but this is what comes to mind.

Avoid deserts and sugary drinks.

Exercise is weight lifting. Focus on explosive lifts with lots of rest between sets to avoid lactic acid.

Vegan. In the morning steel cut oats with soy milk nuts and fruits. Lunch smoothie with nuts, seeds, fruits, protein powder. Dinner stir fry veggies with tofu, maybe a homemade bean/barley chili. Dinner varies.

I do paleo diet:

Raw or barely cooked:

- 100% grass feed meat.

- Chicken, porc, lamb

- Organs: brain, liver, etc.

and followed by:

- Good quality non salted butter

- Cheese, eggs, milk

- 0 carbs

- 0 Grains, raw or cooked vegetables

- Yes to fermented vegetables, but in low quantity

- No sugar, no processed food

- Watermelon or other local food, in moderate quantity (1 o 2 per week)

How do cheese/butter and paleo go together (serious question)? I thought paleo is about non-processed foods. Which leads me to my second question: Why so few vegetables/fruits?

Dairy is perfect paleo food. It's rotting process. It also contributes with good bacteria for our body. While a cheese can be technically a "processed food", it is not inside that group of processed food I'm talking: sauces, cookies, etc.

Raw or barely cooked brain? Care to elaborate a bit? :)

Yes, often i eat raw meat. It doesn't matter if it is organs or meat. I don't overcook the food to avoid loss of nutrients.

Muscles (ie meat) are organs too.

Yes, technically. I wanted to clarify that.

This sounds like extreme keto, and not paleo.

Vegan with as much fruit as possible.

Mostly a sports-oriented diet. I try to maintain a healthy balance between carbs, protein(2g per kg bodyweight) and fat(1-1.2g per kg bodyweight). Meat usually once a week. Loads of greens, fruits, eggs, oats, cheese/yoghurt and nuts. Also whole-grain bread.

I do 95% carnivore, 5% cravings for ice cream and chocolates. To eat meat is the most efficient way to create meat. Also, I drink water, coffee and whisky.

Pescatarian, but very little dairy or fish, really. I live by the sea and can buy fresh on the piers or I'd probably skip it.

More detailed fruit and bread for breakfast, salads or soups for lunch, and a highly variable dinner. Usually healthy but I like to buy what I feel like that day and make it, rather than plan the whole day out.

I lean towards the mediterranean diet; loads of fruit/veg, fish, olive oils, grains etc.

Having said that I do enjoy a pizza on occasion :P

I eat chicken, eggs and beef and limit drinks to water and coffee.

Omnivore but limited to 500 calories 3 days per week (Tues, Thurs, Sun - aka alternate day fasting), free feeding all other days.

Protein, Fat, and about 15Grams of Carbs a day.

poptarts, hot dogs, hamburgers spaghetti

I love pop tarts too... they are my main vice

pretty balanced diet, high on veg, beans, and grains, medium on meat, low on sugar.

I don't overly worry about it. We plan and cook and that really takes care of it.

almost anything, but actively avoid sugar.

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