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I don't know if you've ever been to Europe, but the number of topless beaches are low and you won't see women walking around without a top on the street. It's not taboo-less, nipples are still sexual.

Nipples seems a pretty silly thing to start focusing on when he clearly said they weren't interested in adult content.

I'm from Europe and I've visited quite a few countries in Europe, and to me it seems like it's pretty normal to be topless on _any_ beach... Spain, Portugal, France, the Netherlands, Greece...

Add Belgium to the list. And East Germany.

EDIT: Generally I'd say in Europe while women's breasts are sexualised, they're not considered sexually explicit. The US is exceptionally prudish in comparison and for well-known historical reasons, too.

UK. Not so much so here, so it certainly isn't universal. Though we don't usually have the weather for it anyway!

UK is not Europe and shares a lot of values with puritanical USA. Culturally you're not really part of the mainland.

Sounds like a classic case of No True Scotsman to me.

You'd have to explain more, given that he listed Spain, Portugal, France, the Netherlands, Greece, and others have listed more below. All of them true Scotsman where topless is totally a fair thing to see on any beach. Hell, I had a French ex who took her top off to tan when visiting the States and had to be told by friends that it wasn't an acceptable thing to do.

Portuguese, and can confirm it's absolutely normal in every single beach.

Italy as well.

I have been to Europe. And I’ve taken my bathing suit top off on several beaches there. In my experience they don’t really have “topless beaches” so much as they just have beaches.

If you re-read my comment you’ll see that my point of starting with nipples is precisely because they aren’t the adult content that Automattic is understandably interested in avoiding. Why are your nipples nbd while mine are adult content? That seems “pretty silly” if you ask me.

There literally are beaches/sections of beaches in Germany where you have to be nude.


The man likes a good nipple. What ya gonna do.

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