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Yeah, I was thinking exactly the same question.

This also raises other questions:

What is the difference between Pornhub and a pornographic Tumblr? What is the essential demand behind the demand for a pornographic Tubmlr?

A very interesting phenomenon is that since Tumblr announced the ban on adult content, many bloggers have turned to Twitter instead of Pornhub.

The difference is that each tumblr was curated individually and there were also lots of image focused/exclusive tumblrs. This curation by hand + sometimes extremely narrow definition of a tumblrs content allowed one to find exactly what one wanted.

Pornhub is like a swamp, content wise.

I think the difference is in branding/positioning, and therefore the mental state of the person engaging with the site and creating content.

Porn = male gaze-y[1], intentionally and overtly about sexual gratification, less about exploration

A free-wheeling blog site = a place open to the exploration of a number of different aspects of identity, of which sexuality is one of them.

In short: If Pornhub were to create a tumblr clone, they'd inherently be enticing people to _produce porn_ rather than producing content which might happen to be somewhat pornographic. There's a huge mental barrier there for lots of people, even if they happen to enjoy viewing porn or producing sexually explicit imagery.

[1] Yes I know women watch porn, the default assumption of porn viewership is still a cis male audience

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