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> A man caught with a loaded gun was sent to a morgue to see corpses.

To me looks like something that should be compulsory to have a gun, to know the consequences of using it. I believe fewer people will have the guts of pressing the trigger after seeing that.

A friend applied this sort of thinking to teaching them to not run in the road. She took the kids to look at roadkill and told them when they asked what it is, she said that's what happens when an animal is in the road and gets hit by a car.

They were careful around the road without shouting or force.

This is how every boundary violation could be taught. "Here's this thing. Here's what happened to it and here are the effects. Any questions?" (Herein: "the pattern")

I'm now realizing this is maybe why we had the silly "This is your brain. This is your brain on drugs. Any questions?" campaign.

Can we redo that campaign with every law & in a clear, literal,and real way children can understand? "Here's this/these living being/beings. Here's what it's like when they experience <violation>. Any questions? Call 800-555-1212 to register your question and ask the world on our livestream feed!"

Yeah...and let's do it live, with the goal of converting the entire legal code and precedents into something people can actually use.

We could also apply "the pattern" to universal life lessons, like solidarity > charity, coevolution > coexistence, mutualism > competition, and what the universal needs for thriving are.

the same should be done when you own a car

Drivers education classes usually include such films as "Blood on the Highway" for just that reason.

That may just limit gun ownership to psycopaths who have zero empathy.

Perhaps also everyone who chooses to not own a gun should be compelled to go to the morgue to see corpses of the victims of crimes, so they understand the evil of bystanding.

“Not owning a gun” equals ”bystanding”?

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