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Excellent! They were the true Titans of the Tech. industry. How i wish "modern" tech companies followed this advice.

This passage in particular should be memorized by every "Manager".

Over the years we have developed the policy that it is important for the supervisor to thoroughly know and understand the work of his group. A debate on this has been carried on by management people for years. Some say you can be a good manager without having the slightest idea of what you are trying to manage, that the techniques of management are all important. There are many organizations which work that way. I don't argue that the job can't be done that way but I do argue strongly that the best job can be done when the manager or supervisor has a real and genuine understanding of his group's work. I don't see how a person can even understand what proper standards are and what performance is required unless he does understand in some detail the very specific nature of the work he is trying to supervise. We have held closely to this philosophy and we intend to continue to do so. We expect you who are supervising to learn techniques of supervision and keep up to date. I want to emphasize you can supervise best when you know a great deal about the work you are supervising and when you know the techniques of supervision as well.

That’s something I miss a lot in my company. When you go up one to two levels management already has no understanding of what I and the people I work with are working on and it doesn’t seem they are interested. They see their only role as enforcing deadlines and budgets. I think a lot of better decisions could be made if managers made an effort to understand what their underlings are doing. Managers who don’t understand the work are very susceptible to political games and manipulation.

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