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So because ads can compromise us we should ignore the security of package managers?

How about this for a reason, where are the checksums when I’m curling and piping? How do I validate in an automated fashion the validity of this file I’m piping into an interpreter? When installing a package it’s quite easy to have redundant copies of an index with checksums pointing to a repository hosting the actual code. The attack surface is much smaller vs a curl | python

This is bad practice, stop promoting it or downplaying it’s security issues.

Edit: smaller instead of larger

HTTPS has checksums, and note that we’re specifically talking about installing from Github, where every change is tracked.

> This is bad practice, stop promoting it or downplaying it’s security issues.

I’m trying to get you to do some security analysis focused on threats which are possible in this model but not the real alternatives (download and install, install from a registry like PyPI or NPM, etc.). So far we have “GitHub could choose to destroy their business”, which seems like an acceptable risk and about the same as “NPM could destroy their business”.

HTTPS doesn’t know if the file changed on the server so that doesn’t count here.

I am doing security analysis. If this file changes and I’m using it in built server images then I have no way of automatically validating the changes are good without doing the checksumming myself and managing this data. What we have is a server that can be hacked and the files are unable to be verified by checksum

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