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I'd suggest "not feeling right" has more to do with experience with a different platform, just as random decisions about mouse acceleration or font hinting or what side of the window to put close buttons can completely befuddle switchers.

You specifically state "People who use iPhones" and many others seem to think that the problem is only apparent if you compare it side-by-side. Which suggests to me that it's a fairly marginal concern, particularly compared with other Android flaws that the same people could be working on.

I switched from iPhone (to one of the lowest-end Android phones on the market) and didn't notice this particular issue. I did have general confusion at where things were and how to do things, but by the same token two weeks later my iPhone felt like it was missing a back button.

With subtle effects like this it's easy to sound like audiophiles talking about mp3 encoding. I'd suggest that if you're expecting the hoi polloi to pick up on these subtleties (which may well be imagined or exagerrated in some cases) and carry this fight for you then, like the audiophiles, you're going to be disappointed.

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