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Ugh - I did disavow for the first time ever.

> lost over 100,000

Sucks. You'd think G would be smart enough to ignore, not penalize.

Negative SEO shit has been going on for over a decade now...

They invented disavow for this exact reason. Backlink bombing was a thing.

Let me know the progress, I'm fairly certain this will help you out big time, unfortunately it's a bit of legwork and it takes time to recover.

Even if somebody inside Google wanted to fix your problem they're not able to respond on search ranking algorithms or exceptions. I heard from a Google search engineer that other than a curated blacklist (with many controls in place) they have removed the ability to influence the rankings (positively or negatively) with human intervention. This is due to "plausible deniability" over them playing god with search rankings.

Maybe someone with some authority will see this and review a penalty - albeit without responding to you - but usually this will come back in a few months if the underlying cause isn't resolved.

Best of luck.

I mean, as harsh as it sounds, manually rescuing a single website (even if you're 99.99% sure there's no black hat involved) is not worth leaving a trail showing a potential compromise of search quality. It is not nice but it kind of has to be this way - that they don't help individual websites.

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