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Profitable W11 startup looking for hackers. Join us in our quest to kick healthcare's ass.
2122 days ago | hide
We are looking for several hackers to work with us in the Mountain View area. We are a profitable software company founded by two hackers who are working to change healthcare in America by giving physicians software tools to treat patients better. We are currently operational and have hundreds of paying healthcare professionals using our products across the U.S. We are in the Winter 2011 class of Y Combinator as we prepare for our large outside fund raising round to scale up our system and completely revolutionize healthcare! Our goal is to make doctors more efficient, improve the quality of care patients get, and change healthcare for the better!

Since we are profitable we can afford to pay salaries, but we are really interested in finding dedicated hackers who care about doing something meaningful and are willing to take a larger equity stake and little to no salary while we are in Y Combinator and preparing to raise an outside VC round (after which we can quickly scale up to industry standard salaries.)

The required skills we are looking for are strong Python/Django web development skills and/or strong Objective-C iPad development experience. A large part of our platform is for native mobile devices: iPad, iPhone, and Android, but these are not required skills and we will train really strong Python/Django developers on these mobile platform programming skills. We can guarantee that smart hard working programmers will rise far in the company and will have a bright future in learning new skills and growing with the company as we get funded and expand.

We are a diverse and hard working company. We want to build a great culture where everyone can work hard and be proud of the work we are all doing. We are tackling the most difficult problem facing the country today, healthcare reform, and using the hottest and most powerful technologies on the planet to kick healthcare's ass. We can guarantee that anyone working with us will wake up every morning ready to work hard because they know they are making a positive difference on the world and helping to tackle the toughest problem facing our country.

Email your resume to us: ycombinator.company@gmail.com

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