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Are you worried that there's not enough porn on the internet already?

Tumblr had a wealth of self-produced and curated adult content for and by gender and sexual minorities, with meaningful discussion. No, I don't think the internet has enough of that.

Yepppppp. I'm still pretty mad about this because along with the porn went the community of such people surrounding it.

Still trying to find where all the people landed after the purge.

With very few exceptions, I'm in favor of the internet having more of anything that anyone is trying to make it have less of.

Ads? Spam?

Sure. Caveat Utilitor.

I'd rather have an internet full of dark and danger than a safe theme park moderated by corporate entities and governments.

>With very few exceptions

It's just that tumblr had the best porn.

The spice^H^H^H^H^H porn must flow

You shouldn't equal what tumblr considers to be "adult content" to "porn".

They flagged several classic paintings as porn on my account. Justice Stewart they are not.

I had a photo of a Premier Inn[1] bedroom flagged on my account. Presumably because my rucksack was being too seductive on the bed.

[1] UK equivalent of somewhere between a motel and a hotel.

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