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You are literally trying to find things to complain about.

1. It's standard MO not to. We never even claimed outright endorsements...

2. Did you click on the link? We immediately say how superfoods do not exist.

As I said - just trying to fight it.

3. Anahand literally decided to quote the entire supplement section of his strength building guide (which was a section in the published newspaper) to us. If that's not an endorsement, I don't know what is.

Or you can go ahead and tweet at him.

There isn't a conspiracy around every corner.

4. Yes, and we appreciate that. We also note we do not sell supplements. We have no ads. We sell information.

Here's an example: https://a99d9b858c7df59c454c-96c6baa7fa2a34c80f17051de799bc8... - I wonder how you'll find ways to nitpick at that.

> open to feedback

This isn't feedback. This is you trying to find reasons to dismiss the website. There is no good faith here.

Sorry you're having to defend yourself so much. I just discovered the site from this post, and it's excellent.

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