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Examines strengths is their pages on individual items. The rest I imagine if SEO fodder. They do try to sell their guide, but their website is one of the top references for a lot of nerds trying to research ingredients in nootropics, multivitamins, and preworkouts.

Take for example their page on Creatine[1]. Summarizes and links 746 references. Their chart goes over "What do people claim this does" "How much of an effect does it have on that thing" "How sure are we about that"

[1] https://examine.com/supplements/creatine/

As some one who has been dealing with a condition where I am very concerned about Creatine.

Shear numbers is not really a good metric a paper from a renal specialist like, say the main doctor I saw for years and set up the renal unit at Lister has say a different value to some other citations/

> renal doctor.

Our HEM specifically mentions kidney function and links to studies that looked at creatine and kidney function.

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