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Do you buy their guides or use it to individually research compounds?

It doesn't appear to be much different than other health websites, except they sell guides, which may change the incentive structure away from marketing and towards research.

> It doesn't appear to be much different than other health websites

We go faaaaaaaaar more in-depth.

Eg collating human in-vivo research: https://examine.com/supplements/creatine/#effect-matrix

Summarizing body of research: https://examine.com/supplements/creatine/#scientific-researc...

We sell information because that keeps us on our mission - to analyze health research.

Our primary driver is a monthly subscription utilized by professionals that breaks down the latest nutrition research.

Here's a preview if you want to see how in-depth we go: https://a99d9b858c7df59c454c-96c6baa7fa2a34c80f17051de799bc8...

It's in a different class. It's a top notch resource. Carefully researched and thorough. Collates academic papers for each supplement and provides overviews of effectiveness for various medical purposes. It also contains extensive technical discussions of their mechanism of action. It is very easy to see that it's not a scam site.

Its a bit like wikipedia, it doesnt look like much initially but going in with purpose shows you just how much more in depth they are. Examine also updates their research regularly, that alone puts them above "any old health site"

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