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> Google still has a long way to go before they solve the search problem

For any search query, there's only two results: 1, what you're actually looking for 2, what Google wants you to see

Unfortunately Google has 'solved' the search problem by always optimising for 2, and most times it's never what you want to see. That's not just health results either, for most anything outside of 'pop culture' Google is garbage.

For any given query there are thousands of people giving that same query with slightly or largely different intent and a universe of results that suit different portions of the users better or worse.

Reducing this to a singular desired result and "what google wants you to see" is absurd. Google still provides pretty good results for most things for most people. Pretending otherwise is a waste of breath.

Statistical matching results in platforms helping con artists find victims and helping crazy people spread their poisonous crazy. If you try to avoid noxious end results you will be accused of interfering. If you don't you will be declared complicit.

Where does the appropriate middle ground lie?

Sounds like we need a new search engine, a better search engine. One that returns the things you're actually searching for.


I just checked duckduckgo and examine doesn't appear to be censored there. I then switched my default search engine.

I hope that this means duckduckgo is indeed not going to censoring. I'd like keep websites for adult who can judge for themselves alive.

Isn't that just a wrapper for the same search engines?

I believe duckduckgo uses bing for search results. (See https://help.duckduckgo.com/results/sources/?redir=1). If you compare searches on bing and duckduckgo, they are very similar.

The main advantage of duckduckgo is that they aren't tracking you and the ads they show are just based on the search keywords not based on a digital profile they have compiled like google and facebook.

Never mind the bad search results, consider the narrative-shaping power they wield.

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