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50% of C++ devs don't use a package manager and 27% rely on a system package manager [1]. You don't hear C++ devs complaining about these issues not because they're happy with the state of dependency management in C++ but because there's a very low rate of adoption for package management systems. That, and the state of dependency management in C++ was so bad for so long that it's viewed as a fact of life.

1. https://www.jetbrains.com/lp/devecosystem-2019/cpp/

Also with C and C++ your dependencies compile with your code into a single binary, unless you explicitly opt into using a library, and when you do it becomes a package manager's issue not yours.

That's vastly oversimplifying the problem. "DLL hell" is a term for a reason. The vast amount of effort and complexity Microsoft has put into managing this problem is proof that dependency management for C and C++ is not a solved problem.

It is not a solved problem, but it is a problem that C and C++ developers don't care about, because it is a problem of packagers.

This is why it doesn't seem so bad if you're programming in those languages.

We definitely care about it. And I don't know why you think C++ developers can just push issues onto packagers when 50% don't use any kind of package management system. Meaning compiling libraries from source.

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