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Somewhere, I can hear John Siracusa saying, 'curl piped into a shell? No thanks.'

Yes, funny, but seriously, where's the threat model where you've analyzed the risks of installing code from GitHub over HTTPS and found it to be less secure?

To be clear, either of these methods can have problems, it's not unique to curl and your shell of choice. Some of the better open source projects will say up front that if you are concerned about this kind of thing, feel free to read the installer script and decide for yourself if everything's kosher.

Yes, my point was that if you're worried about running someone else's code the answer is to audit that code rather than the transport layer. There are valid concerns with HTTP or in scenarios where something could be targeted to a single user, but neither of those are relevant to 99% of the time people raise this complaint.

There's always the risk that the script will fail to completely download and leave your system in a broken state. This can be mitigated against by the script authors by wrapping everything in a function which is called on the last line, but how do you know they've done that without downloading the script and checking first?

(Poetry have done this, for what it's worth)

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