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You started with unconventional software, though. Why didn't you try to use gnome? It's far more broadly used and supported. It's not perfect, but the criticism you have against it would make more sense in terms of ditching Linux in your desktop computer.

I actually tested gnome and didnt like it.(I cant recall the exact reasons) I also spent considerable time with other DMs (kde5, lxde and unity), and ended up liking xfce

I think its a shame that the linux desktop software is so fragmented.

Sometime, I fantasize about a parallel world, with a parallel linux trovalds working solely and maintaining THE linux desktop manager

I don't think the fragmentation is really a problem. It's not like if there was a single option, then everyone who's currently involved in working with other desktop environments would automatically join in.

That said, gnome has the largest chunk of the market share. Sort of like the chrome of Linux desktop. It has all features I've ever used in any desktop environment (to be fair, after Windows 98 I only used Linux and Mac os) But each person will enjoy a different UI, I guess.

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