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>Oh nice, you have two frameworks. Well, whatever suits your fixed mindset.

Let me see, you've got Django, DRF, Flask, Flask-Restful, Flask-Restplus, Flask-API, sanic, pyramid, Cornice, hug, falcon, eve, bottle, tornado, aiohttp, vibora, weppy, starlette...

Those are just some that I've picked out of my head.

Most of those enumerations are Flask, and the others are basically useless.

And what exactly are Flask and Django missing to merit more packages doing the same thing?

Routing requests and managing HTTP fundamentals is a solved problem. There is literally zero value in adding another framework when the real complexity is in business logic.

That’s the issue. These are routing requests and not much more. I recommend looking around at java, node, php, c# web frameworks for more details on what a web framework should do. Sqlalchemy and other hobby libs can extend flask and django but those are similarly limited.

Then you've not really delved into the issue at all.

Django does routing, forms, ORM, templates, APIs, GIS, you name it. Flask is more minimialist and expects third-party package for this.

Django also has a very extensive ecosystem of libraries for managing the common web use cases.

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