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Not the original poster, but the trouble I had with lxde was that it never felt consistent. It felt more like openbox where you made a desktop out of dozens of indepedent projects that each did things their own way.

Xfce, by comparison, feels like each program is part of a package. That is not to say it's perfect: I still have to pull in Mate applications for things like a task manager, archive manager, and calculator. I also had to write my own replacements for things like a text editor that doesn't open every new document in a new window. But I get a whole lot of mileage out of Xfce's file browser, desktop, panel, terminal, settings panel, etc.

I'm a bit nervous about the Xfce move to GTK3, and I hope I won't end up with any client-side decorated windows, or the GTK3-style file picker.

I haven’t used LXDE/LxQt in several years but this has been my experience as well. XFCE feels like an intentional, designed singular “piece” where LxQt feels stitched together.

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