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This comment is so strangely off the mark I almost wonder if you're basing this off of some secondhand hearsay. Until recently, Python's largest arena of usage was web development and API scaffolding by far. A simple search would have revealed literally thousands of web development focused libraries, most centered around the Django ecosystem [1].

As another commenter mentioned: Django, DRF, Flask

But unmentioned... The old titans of Pyramid, Pylons, CherryPy, Bottle, Tornado, wheezy, web2py, and more.

A _gigantic_ portion of the community is centered around web development, and the fact that almost all web packages have centralized around Django, DRF, and Flask is a function of dozens upon dozens of popular frameworks merging in a "survival of the fittest" fashion into the best possible union of ideas. You seem to perceive "many packages" that all perform a similar function to be a good thing, but speaking from the perspective of someone who writes 70% Javascript and 30% Python I'll tell you that almost every other sane group of developers considers the highly duplicitous JS ecosystem to be a massive weakness.

The NPM ecosystem has an _ocean_ of shallow, highly similar, and one-off frameworks because Javascript developers tend to "divide and conquer" rather than bring good ideas together. Python developers deprecate their packages in favor of better ideas, or just open a pull request to alter the project rather than creating a 99th competing framework in the first place.

[1] https://pypi.org/search/?q=&o=&c=Environment+%3A%3A+Web+Envi...

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