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I sometimes have a tendency to focus only on the negative aspects of some things, while ignoring that all in all, those things are fine. I don't think I'm alone in that, certainly not in our line of work.

A call to "snap out of it" seems that it can help in such situations. Python is not a programming language that should make people burn out or angry. Very few languages should be capable of that, so I think this issue goes deeper than just flawed tools.

I find that the only way not to go nuts in this profession is to ignore most of it and most of it is really not relevant to building good software. There are just too many tools and always searching for the perfect tool is a recipe for being unhappy.

The programming language is one of the central tools though, the very language in which you express programs.

If you don't care about that, caring about "building good software" feels hollow.

The key point is that there are many languages that are more than good enough for almost any kind of problem solving.

Building good software is firstly about process and skills.

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