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You have Django and DRF and Flask. DRF is, by far, the best designed framework for building APIs in any programming language I have ever seen, and I've at this game for a long time.

JavaScript has 10 times more packages than PyPi, and for the most part they are absolute garbage with no intent on being maintained.

Python has substantially fewer packages where the community rallies around them and keeps them as best-in-class. SQLAlchemy, DRF, factoryboy, requests, etc., are all incredible one-stop-shops for the vast majority of use cases.

You don't need 15 libraries for doing HTTP requests. You just need one good one that does the job so you never have to think about the problem ever again. Python excels at this class of libraries and by comparison npm has appalling choices.


I'll take a framework that has worked effectively for a decade without significant changes where I can use all my accumulated experience to get things done over the random musings and experimentation of the half-baked JS libraries where you're stuck for hours solving relatively trivial issues that I have never had to think about in DRF because DRF just works and is backed by some of the most experienced people in API architecture in the industry.

When you think about and iterate judiciously in a problem domain over a decade instead of trying something different every day to see what sticks, you'll see you can get remarkably far.

>Oh nice, you have two frameworks. Well, whatever suits your fixed mindset.

Let me see, you've got Django, DRF, Flask, Flask-Restful, Flask-Restplus, Flask-API, sanic, pyramid, Cornice, hug, falcon, eve, bottle, tornado, aiohttp, vibora, weppy, starlette...

Those are just some that I've picked out of my head.

Most of those enumerations are Flask, and the others are basically useless.

And what exactly are Flask and Django missing to merit more packages doing the same thing?

Routing requests and managing HTTP fundamentals is a solved problem. There is literally zero value in adding another framework when the real complexity is in business logic.

That’s the issue. These are routing requests and not much more. I recommend looking around at java, node, php, c# web frameworks for more details on what a web framework should do. Sqlalchemy and other hobby libs can extend flask and django but those are similarly limited.

Then you've not really delved into the issue at all.

Django does routing, forms, ORM, templates, APIs, GIS, you name it. Flask is more minimialist and expects third-party package for this.

Django also has a very extensive ecosystem of libraries for managing the common web use cases.

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