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Akaunting: A web-based accounting system (lwn.net)
7 points by Tomte 3 months ago | hide | past | web | favorite | 3 comments

Maybe it's the shared icon set and layout, but this software really reminds me of firefly-iii, which does personal accounting/finances tracking. (And it does that well - recommended)

Firefly: https://firefly-iii.org/static/screenshots/4.7.4/index.php

Akaunting: https://static.lwn.net/images/2019/akaunting.png

Although it could probably be used for companies as well - double entry is one of the first listed features and it supports different account types.

One major difference is:

Akaunting is multi user but Firefly is single-user only


looks like they both like the same bootstrap theme ;-)

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