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Quite welcome. I think you are on to something. The thought that comes to mind is "Python is a great language if you want to do exactly what everyone else is doing." Most of the love has nothing to do with the language itself, but rather the fact that people can make use of some library that a big engineering effort produced in another language entirely. Thus they conflate Python with access to that functionality. All of my code bases are pure python (in part because of the packaging issues), so maybe that is the difference, people aren't really Python users, they are numpy, pandas, django, sqlalchemy, or requests users. It would be interesting to compare the view of library maintainers vs just 'users.'

Agreed this is it, when people think Python, they think all the default use cases covered by the many libraries that let you "get things done" quickly with syntactic sugar. Alas, there's more to our work than the first few miles of getting things done. There's that scaling part too and python loses it there: no good threading, no enforced typing, bizarre scoping, half baked module system,etc

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