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wow! This was unexpected for me. Changes happen so rarely with xfce and for me it is a good thing. But I wonder with all the optimizations going with gnome will xfce be any lighter anymore? I mean the next gnome versions, even 3.32 is resource hungry sometimes.

It's exactly because of these optimizations that Gnome is running slower. They have so many things to optimize that optimizing one makes two slower -- it's a vicious cycle.

Plus the amount of stuff that gets written in Python or JavaScript.

If it is for the high level stuff, they could give Vala some love instead.

A story how early GTK3 was loosing so much to GTK2 even with first taking full advantage of fast Cairo rendering.

GTK2 own renderers were managing to outdo external ones for many reasons

Not to mention that GTK3 is so over-optimized that it skips some important calculations and sometimes ends up with certain widgets positioned incorrectly. It's a mess.

I agree. I do not remember why did I switch away from xfce to this new gnome (3.32)? I hope they get faster with their progress.

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