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I would rather wish Golang eat the world than Python, just because the practicality of python becomes questionable when performance is key.

In my previous startup in India, I trained unskilled personnel to become decent python developers to work on our product; everything was fine till the product grew exponentially and we had to optimise every nook and corner of it to better serve the customers and save on server bills.

So we had to optimise our application with Cython to meet the demands. So, when training someone to code if we use Python as a language; we should follow up with the disclaimer "You will learn to code faster than most other languages, but you cannot use this knowledge to build something at scale (i.e at-least when budget is of concern, when you are not instagram)".

In comparison, Golang excels in both form and function. It is just as easy to teach/learn as python and doesn't need the aforementioned disclaimer. Web services are a breeze to write and is built for scale.

I understand that there are criticisms against the language design of Go, some are valid and most are just because it was made by Google but none questioning the scalability of Go applications.

Many of my complaints about Python are valid for Go, except that Go makes even more perilous decisions than Python for error handling (and the community kinda gleefully embraces it).

But at least Go is a lot faster and has real concurrency AND parallelism, so it's definitely better than Python.

Go makes worse decisions even, I'd say. Python has gevent, one of the best and most friendly greenlet libs around too, so the concurrency/parallel issues seem fairly moot. It's true that the batteries-included versions of things, while mostly easy to use, falter at scale.

> so the concurrency/parallel issues seem fairly moot.

Python has the GIL, so true parallelism can only be achieved with basically cloning a process X times the number of processors on a computer and inter process communication.

Go doesn't have this problem.

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