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Learn Sketch shortcuts interactively (shortcutery.netlify.com)
40 points by rgesulfo 63 days ago | hide | past | web | favorite | 8 comments

I want apps to progressively train me in their shortcuts.

An app could track which actions I take manually, in order to learn which shortcuts are most valuable to teach me.

Immediately after I manually take a frequent action, it could inform me of the shortcut. Perhaps I can then even undo the action and redo it using the shortcut, to build muscle memory.

Once I've mastered the shortcuts for my most frequent actions, the app could move on to teaching less-frequent ones... perhaps up to some threshold.

IIRC Intellij had an option or a plugin for this, highlighting the shortcut for you when you mouse around. It also will often show the shortcut right next to the command of course.

What I dislike about editors is that there's just no default shortcut set for a lot of actions I commonly use, and I have trouble coming up with new ones that aren't already in use.

To be fair, the fact that it's hard to come up with good, unused shortcuts for those actions is probably the reason why they don't have one yet in the first place. :)

Another site I recommend is:


While it's not exactly a shortcut, I'd highly recommend https://sketchrunner.com/ to any product designers working in a large design system.

If you know the name of the icon or component, you can begin typing it into the runner bar and place it instantly. No need to hunt through all your nested symbols. It also works wonders when needing to replace existing symbols.

I second this recommendation. Such an incredible Sketch plugin. Thanks Sam for sharing it.

Request: Figma shortcuts would be nice

Excellent recommendation. I'll make sure to add Figma shortly.

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