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Ask HN: What decentralised web projects have the most potential?
16 points by questionasked 14 days ago | hide | past | web | favorite | 3 comments
I'm very interested in this idea of decentralising the web, but there seems to be so many separate projects to do this - IPFS [1], Dat [2] and Solid [3] to name a few. Which of the existing projects (if any) to do you think has the potential to gain mainsteam usage?

[1]: https://ipfs.io/

[2]: https://dat.foundation/

[3]: https://solid.inrupt.com/

All of these projects have potential, but we simply don't need them yet... so unfortunately it looks like none of these will gather mainstream usage...

Blockstack is a project with nice goal (everyone should have possibility to own their data) with thought out developer experience. I haven't built anything production ready with their stack but it was easy to get started with one toyproject I then abandoned because of lack of time.


I've been working on a blogging platform called Permaweb.io (not live yet), built on top of IPFS. We're using Textile.io as a way to wrap IPFS, we really like it. It allows us to update things in threads, and have roles and permissions.

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