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Just generalised Monday morning cynicism...

It happens with _everything_ else in this stupid industry, what're the chances of it not happening just the same when the tech industry targets the military industrial complex???

Principle of charity: don't attribute mistakes to malevolence.

Unlike in business, military purchasing is, I think, generally run by people who were once users of the systems they were purchasing, and are not unlikely to rely on them again. Far more likely than, 'I don't care if the ensign standing watch on my next ship can do his job, this Mai Tai tastes great!' is 'wow, I see all these touch screens on TV shows, in movies and in the Tesla cars the print media tells me are the wave of the future; we need to get the New Hotness™ for our future combat systems too!' and 'hey everybody, look at this awesome futuristic 21st century cockpit my team designed!' They were, I think, completely well-intentioned and genuinely believed that they were doing a good job — and the few folks who opposed them probably sounded like cranky old guys ('why, in my day you had to get three stout sailors to man the rudder, and we liked it that way!').

Our entire culture is neophilic; military purchasers live in our culture; is it any surprise that they might be neophilic too?

I guess some of us are hoping for a little more competence and actually doing some research, like, for instance, trying out these products in field tests to see how soldiers like them and use them and how effective they are with them before committing to a big contract.

Maybe that's just asking too much these days.

Maybe. I have very little faith that sailors "who were once users of the systems" who've worked their way up inside the military to decision making roles have _any clue_ how evil and deceptive and persuasive the sales teams from companies like Adobe or Oracle or Palantir or $touchScreenVendorDeJour can be...

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