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I imagine the star trek interact can really apply arbitrary forces. So you can simulate a knob for example. Not just a tactile sensation when you're already in (near) contact with the interface.

A really advanced Star Trek interface would use holo/replicator tech to materialize physical knobs, switches, and sliders in a user-defined configuration as they activated the console.

That sort of technology, if scale was not an issue, could allow you to make a miniaturized version of the situation and use your hands to move the ship among the other elements, and that input would then be translated into engine/thruster settings. The model ship would resist movement as needed.

This! This!

There was no nobs the in their UI as far as I can remember :)

A bigger thing (for me) is being able to sense gaps/shapes without pressing anything and a fixed layout - touchscreens are about the change but that's only good for UI that you look at.

Isn't this what Project Soli [0] was trying to achieve.


Afaik soli is the recognition part (through radar).

Something that creates physical feedback is for example that Disney VR project where they use air to create the feeling of resistance

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