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Show HN: Curated Toolkit for Remote Work (nohq.co)
105 points by dmonn on Aug 11, 2019 | hide | past | favorite | 18 comments

I see four different, yet incredibly similar, video conferencing tools on that list. That doesn't fill me with confidence when it comes to just how curated the list is.

I could do a better job on showing differences for sure, especially in that category. In the end, they are all well working solutions, with two of them being free and handling organization differently, the go-to app on the market, and a enterprise solution. All have their own place in that crowded ecosystem.

I just tried to submit Krisp.ai, but realized at the end it was a paid curation. I'm not affiliated with Krisp, I'm just a remote worker who recently added it to my must haves...

Completely on a side note, but I've just recently realized how much of a noise-cancellation magic comes buil-in with Zoom. My wife was grinding coffee literally next to me, and no one on the call could hear it. Now I'm learning that the whole standalone startup exists dedicated to doing it for all the platforms. Cool!

Hi, I'll check out Krisp.ai and add it, not familiar with it. It's not a paid curation, by the way. That form is mostly for us and founders to see if we can do a sponsored post or newsletter sponsoring.

Lots of overlapping between different categories. Misplaced app within a category -- hiring app inside Project Management. And so on...

The idea of putting together such list is noble, though. It just need more consistency.

Some of them have multi-categories, that's right. I believe the app you're talking about offers project management functionalities with freelancer hiring options, so it's part of both.

Let me know if you see an app that logically should not be in one of the categories. This is curated by hand, so errors may happen.

Categories aside, if you allow me to suggest something, I would have built your toolkit in a different way. Instead of app type, I would have grouped them by process following the natural order that the business takes form in a start-up or any organization.

To me, the sequence that comes to mind is: Sync Comms > Aggregation of unstructured data/documents/media > Collaboration (whiteboarding, sketching, mind-mapping etc.) > Administration > Project Management > Development > Security, Monitoring and Reporting

Yeah, "Organization" includes Basecampe, Airtable, 1Password, Github and Google Drive. At that point, what isn't organization?

EDIT: That said, I see what they're getting at with putting Preface into project management. "Preface is a freelance management platform, built for remote teams."

Since this is full of proprietary services, I will note that I have replaced most of that on my team with Office 365 with Microsoft Teams. Chat, video conferencing, kanban boards, file sharing all in one place with single sign on.

This looks great. Just submitted Taskade (https://taskade.com) to the list, a unified workspace for distributed teams! :)

Anything that fixes the timezones on the list? Flat Earth?

Smiling through the pain and working long nights

I really like the toolkit, I find it very useful. I kust bookmarked for future use. Did you use a template to build it or it's done from zero by you?

Thanks so much! This is completely self-built. I use Tailwind for the frontend, makes this kind of design pretty easy.

The description of the tools seems to be to vendor‘s marketing tag line, which I find not very helpful to understand what the tool actually does.

The graphic style looks very similar to Slack's. Is this an official project by them?

No, it's just the style that's "in" right now. I believe this is from an illustration package somewhere.

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