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Note to the reader:

big-lies.org is a website dedicated to the idea that Jews control the world, the Holocaust never happened, the atomic bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki were hoaxes, and various other "interesting" theories.

I assume the text of Wells' work has not been altered, but the website author's notes at the bottom include such gems as:

> Poor Wells must have been caught between his universalist beliefs (based on the kinship between human races—even if this was very attenuated) and the overpowering ubiquity of war lies and the support for mass murder by Jews fronted by Stalin.


> Wells had disappointingly little feeling for finance, which disqualified him from taking account of Jewish control of wars behind the scenes.

I've changed the link to the book from big-lies.org to freeread.com.au.

I haven't investigated either of these websites and don't approve of or even know of any of the views that may be posted on them. I'm just posting a link to the book alone.

However, if you don't like the website for whatever reason and know of any better sources feel free to post another link.

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