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> Does it really matter when 80% of these will be stuck in bumper to bumper traffic

The acceleration needed to get press coverage? Absolutely not.

The other qualities of a good EV? Absolutely yes.

Having driven a Tesla Model S for several years now, I have to say that it has the best low-speed handling of any car I've ever driven. You can control it's motion very precisely in the 0-5mph range (far better than any ICE I've ever driven), and "autopilot" can do most of the "bumper-to-bumper start-and-stop" grunt work for you. Of course none of this makes for a loud press release, so it rarely gets mentioned.

"This car has reached the pinnacle of 0-5mph handling".

You're right, not quite so sexy for the ads, lol.

I agree, those things do make a difference. I drive a manual (stick) car with pretty rough low-speed handling. It is a bit unpleasant to drive in bad traffic.

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