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Upgrade your cargo cult for the win (2017) (meaningness.com)
30 points by mathgenius 3 days ago | hide | past | web | favorite | 9 comments

Incidentally the «utter honesty» described here, but impossible to define, is probably the most important key to intelligence.

An honest wish to understand the word as it is probably the best way to have adequate cognitive reaction in order to survive.

Never thought about it before, but is Rusts package manager named after cargo cult?

Nope, it’s because it’s how you ship crates.

I am deeply troubled by this article's recurring use of the phrase "stupid savages" to refer to the non-white native people of New Guinea. Though it may be intended as tongue-in-cheek, it is unnecessary and distracts from the article's intended message.

The author clearly means to mock other people's perception of the natives as "stupid savages", as implied by directly following this statement with "Except, this is a perfect metaphor for most of what is called “science,” done by people with PhDs". It implies that the people that would say that are the ones getting their science PhDs, who are doing the same thing while being full of themselves as superior.

You seem to recognize this, by referring to it as being used "tongue in cheek."

So, to be clear:

You are offended that the author used an offensive phrase in an ironic manner clearly meant to both vindicate the targeted minority and point out the failings of the people that would use that offensive phrase in earnest?

In short, you're now upset by the form of the communication, rather than any of its actual content or meaning.

Another commenter suggested that you are partaking in some cargo culting of your own. I think they're onto something.

What about the second use - "So what about those stupid savages, doing their silly rituals on their Pacific islands?" ?

This is much less clearly tongue-in-cheek, and even if the tone is meant to be generally humorous, that wouldn't exclude it from being actually offensive.

> I am deeply troubled by this article's recurring use of the phrase "stupid savages" to refer to the non-white native people of New Guinea.

Cargo-Cult behavior truly is everywhere!

No where in the article does it mention New Guinea island. New Guinea is also not a country but an island with 2 countries. The eastern half is PNG (Papua New Guinea). Whilst the western half is owned by Indonesia.

What makes you so sure they are talking about New Guinea island with the term stupid savages?

Cargo-culting happened in all of Melanesia. I can't see any reference to cargo cults in west of New Guinea island. A few mentions of it in PNG, etc.

I'm grossed out by the sexual analogies he applies to curiosity. I feel MeToo'd after reading it. ;(

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