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Soon only the rich will be able to escape the heat. In Iraq, it’s already so (independent.co.uk)
34 points by spraak 73 days ago | hide | past | web | favorite | 6 comments

Um, Iraq has had numerous issues not directly related to global warming in the last 40 years which might have impacted their electrical infrastructure a bit (wars, occupations, firing the government, corruption, etc.).

yes, the article specifically talks about that. those issues exacerbate the problems from increased temperatures due to climate change.

Maybe we need to start digging. I wonder if living and working mostly underground (not, like, hundreds of feet but rather just beneath the surface) wouldn’t help keep us physically cool naturally and cheaply but also help reduce emissions and energy consumption since there would be less need of air conditioning and heating. Not entirely practical for a lot of the planet—coastal areas come to mind—but even if those that can do it did I’d think it would make a difference.

Though, I guess this also highlights that it would mostly be the rich that could afford to do this. I suspect submerged structures are more expensive to build and maintain than conventional buildings.

When we were visiting Taiwan in the summer during peak humidity, we found staying in the subway systems a relief from the heat as they are clean, well-maintained and had emaculant malls all underground. Too bad they didn't have hotel accommodations down there.

You should visit the London Bakerloo line in the summer ;-)

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