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Yeah, but I usually don't want to accelerate 10 times, but only once in a while (e. g. after a red light). It is totally useless, but great fun in Tesla.

A Porsche like this is going to be built with motorsport in mind. So you expect to buy your Porsche and be able to srive around on the streets but also take it to a local track day. In that context, it needs to perform consistently lap after lap else you can't compare and improve your driving and the whole experience is just a bit deflated.

Yes, true, but it does cheapen the experience when you learn don't really have a high performance car after the first couple of laps.

I think his point is that the vast majority of these cars never see a track. They're commuter vehicles that will use Ludacris Mode or Launch Control as a party trick once in a while. To these people claiming repeatability is an excuse like saying you need to stretch or weren't ready.

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