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Should try driving a Tesla, they handle amazingly.

Not better than Porsche. I own both and Tesla suspension is pure garbage compared to the Porsche. Tesla 3 has insane body roll for a vehicle with the majority of weight below the center the wheels.

I have driven one. It’s nice for cruising along but in corners it’s too soft and you just feel the weight. Definitely not a sports car. That’s ok since it’s not designed to be one.

I could not disagree more. I test drove a Model S years ago and was genuinely shocked how horribly it handled. Weight is the enemy of handling, and those cars drive like boats if you ever turn the steering wheel.

However I have heard the Model 3 handles great, but still not quite as good as cars in the same price bracket. I'd take an M2 Competition over a Model 3 Performance based on what I've heard, but obviously until I drive both that's just conjecture.

What I can say for a fact - I genuinely preferred how my 94 Camry handled compared to the Model S. And I fucking hated that Camry.

Drive an Audi, or a Porsche. You'll realize how... muddy... Tesla handling is.

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