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Are you already Plurking? (thenextweb.org)
11 points by paulsb on June 2, 2008 | hide | past | favorite | 7 comments

The writer says about everybody's mom: "She will never use Twitter, it’s too complicated for her." Personally I think my mother will never use twitter because it's too narcissistic for her, and she'd probably be insulted by the implication that entering text in a text box is too difficult.

I couldn't get past the stupidity and self-importance of that sentence.

'too complicated' could easily be understood to mean 'you are not smart enough to understand'. It could also mean 'Why bother, too complicated'. The act of entering text isn't too difficult for any of our mothers. But 'getting' twitter is way to complicated for them.

Then perhaps it needs a rewrite that doesn't insult everyone's mom. "Your mom is unlikely to grok twitter..."

Good point. My mother is on Twitter and I wouldn't want to disrespect her. Check the updated post...

I agree. Twitter is simple, but to the average person, it's not useful IMHO

Twitter thrives on the modern "Cult of Celebrity" idea. The reason Arrington and Scoble have so many followers and love Twitter so much is evidence of this fact.

My favorite analogy for these types of personalities would be if one of your friends in high school got a really hot, older girlfriend. Instead of living the high life (we all imagine) and going to older more sophisticated parties he brings his hot GF to your buddies basement to hang with you and your buddies instead. The point being he adores the attention lavished upon him in your basement more than the actual lifestyle that the hotty GF brings. Calacanis is another perfect example of this.

Well-orchestrated PR wave for a me-too texting karma fest. Having started out from sharing academic papers, the Web is slowly converging towards users' actual desires.

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