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I find it helpful to do similar, but mine is fuzzier and tied to day-to-day activities. I am a gross farenheit user, so this is my mental table for cross reference

    -42|-42: 9th layer of hell
    0|32: freezing point
    10-15: maybe think about a jacket
    20-25: room temp
    37|98: body temp
    50: death valley
    100|212: boiling
It's not precise, except for some intersection points, but it sticks well for me and allows me to be conversational enough to impress metric-folks when I convert my temps to rough Celsius for them. It's rare to need precise temp in conversation.

Note: the 9th layer of hell intersection point is -40.


I did say I was imprecise, though (;

Double-checked earlier this morning, though. At least I got my Dante right! (:

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