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These were useful for parameters (conceptually anyway, I haven't done any hard labwork with this yet):

Kirt R. Williams, Kishan Gupta, Matthew Wasilik - Etch Rates for Micromachining Processing—Part II

Mark R. Jackson - Effects of Radio Frequency Power and Sulfur Hexafluoride Flowrate on Etch Rate of Silicon Dioxide

S. A. Moshkalyov, C. Reyes-Betanzo, R.C. Teixeira, I. Doi, M.B. Zakia, J.A. Diniz, J. Swart - Etching of Polycrystalline Silicon in SF6 Containing Plasmas

I.J. Kima, H.K. Moona, J.H. Leea, N.E. Leea, J.W. Jungc, S.H. Cho - Silicon nitride etch characteristics in SF6/O2 and C3F6O/O2 plasmas and evaluation of their global warming effects


These for further general process design/example values:


These are by no means the be all and end all, they were just useful for the parts of the process I've looked at in detail so far and there are often several options at every step for chemicals and approaches, these were suited to what I was aiming for.

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