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One quick extra note about the argument of file size. Those who argument about "more html size" never thought people has to download a huge CSS file for 2 o 3 pageviews. With the current state of the web, the trade off isn't that painful, in fact, you will see that projects done with React, Vue or similar the trade off is a bargain you cannot avoid.

HTML is faster, by default, as I state in the article. It's the first document and it's the first one processed. If you have a CSS file of 10kb gziped your chances will be huge in comparison with the averaga ~160kb of some projects.

The problem with inline-css (how the modern js framework are handling) is that clashes with the responsive world and cannot be preprocessed so easily as other projects.

Besides the file size factor, give a check to the other points in the arguments: amount of rules slows the loading speed, rendering and painting, etc.

You're sticking to CSS, we also stick too :)

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