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I’m a personal fan of Fullers work and having discovered his expansive worldview during my teens he left a mark on me in terms of having confidence that better solutions can be designed for how our world operates.

I’m sure the 42 hours of screening would be worth my time and that of a number of friends around me.

My problem/challenge though is how to facilitate a structure that would get me through all the footage. I mean I can’t imagine binge watching for 3 days straight or maybe that’s the point, maybe I should just try that. Or maybe is weekly sesssions better like some sort of book club? I Need ideas.

How would you suggest to structure a small group screening?

Assuming you had some profound knowledge recorded from an earlier time that you needed to get a group to get through, how would you do it?

I powered through reading most of the transcripts[0] a few years ago and watched some. I made notes along the way for the ideas that stuck with me.

[0] https://www.bfi.org/about-fuller/resources/everything-i-know

I wasn't paying attention and followed the link thinking it was to your notes, because I definitely don't have time for the transcripts. Have you considered putting your notes online, or even expanding on them and making a series of blog posts? I imagine a lot of people might be more amenable to shorter form exposure to select ideas that they can them go to the source for if they find it interesting enough. Also, I often find preparing a point of view to be publicly expressed brings me to new understanding of it, so perhaps you would benefit from it as well.

In any case, it's the type of thing I would love to read, so you have at least one reader if you do so. :)

Understanding Bucky is an exercise of making notes of things that apply to me personally or things that stood out that I could apply to my own work/life.

My favourite exercise in applying Bucky’s work was to take his self-disciplines (from Critical Path) and modify them for myself.

The value for me was/is the process of making his work personal to me. What stands out about Bucky’s work is that it’s still (if no more so) relevant today. Maybe it is something I should blog about :)

The other thing is that the Internet Archive footage is quite jarring to watch. Each file is includes about 90s worth of content. The gaps between them were quite jarring when I attempted to watch some of the lectures for an extended period.

It's on YouTube.

> How would you suggest to structure a small group screening?

The first thing that comes to mind is a viewing/discussion format. It will take longer, but it will go deeper, too.

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