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He must have tolerant parents to allow experiments involving baths of HF and Piranha solution in their garage!

Seriously impressive though.

Or ignorant parents.

A highschooler don't end up with a garage full of equipment like that unless their parents are already in the industry.

Nope, Zeloof got most of the stuff on Craigslist and Ebay. The big stuff is usually pretty old, and alot is hacked together (e-beam stepper) or custom built entirely (sputtering chamber, or whatever the plasma machine is called I forget).

Still, even the broken stuff is very expensive. Somewhere near the beginning he said he cut the wafers with a CNC laser. We have one of those at university (very entry level) for cutting wood and it cost over 10k. The few community driven fablabs that have lasers almost never allow people to cut their own materials because they can produce toxic gases or reflections that damage the laser optics.

Even if you're the next Albert Einstein you will never be able to even attempt a project like that unless your parents are rich or you can find a generous benefactor at some institution who allows you to use their equipment.

Thank you for this sanity - I can’t believe people this this kid acquired all this stuff on his own.

He also purchased a decommissioned, broken electron microscope from a university lab on eBay, and repaired it by himself.

That answered one of the biggest questions I had when I saw that CRT display magnification of the chip. Well done to him, hope he doesn't get bored in college though I'm sure he'll find ways to pass the time.

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