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The tradeoffs Monzo made are not ones that apply to most business. For most businesses, you have a profitable and sustainable model and you want to mitigate the possibility that you sink the ship by screwing the pooch on security or availability.

Monzo, on the other hand, was default-dead, so betting the farm on a relatively unproven technology perhaps wasn't risking as much. Nobody talks about the startups that used unproven tech and sank.

I don't think Monzo had to adopt k8s to survive. It's an infrastructure technology not something which provides a unique advantage from an app. development perspective.

Also k8s is far from only used in tech companies. the UK home office (not exactly a startup) were giving talks about their use of k8s in 2016 https://www.phpconference.co.uk/videos/2016/kubernetes-home-...

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