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> For example, it's one thing for me to be giving the 1st party some legal rights to collect information about me, it's another thing to allow essentially untrusted 3rd parties to collect as well. Some limits must be in place.

In other words, if I defer any part of my services to a third party, I cannot do it anymore. Goodbye payment processing, fraud detection, spam/DDOS protection... the list is endless. Advertising is the least concern here.

See, that's the difficulty with regulation, you need to be very careful what is and isn't included. You don't want to accidentally prohibit crucial services. You don't want to burden business with liabilities by being vague. You don't want to leave too many loopholes or else your regulation does nothing but cause administrative overhead.

If you have so much faith in politicians to do go good job here, by all means, go out and lobby for this kind of regulation. Let's just say I don't share your optimism.

> My point here might simply be, if it's my information, I should be entitled to know how it's actually being used.

If you don't like your information being used for pretty much any purpose, don't give it to me. I can't preconceive of all the possible ways I am going to handle your data. Maybe I want to switch web hosts, or maybe I want to back it up somewhere else. Maybe I'm an idiot and I'll store it on a database with no password, exposed to the internet.

> This also goes for guests of your home...

Not necessarily. Depending on where this takes place, I don't have to disclose that you're being video or voice monitored. Maybe you don't like it that way, but those are my rights trumping yours.

> I'd be interested in talking about Japan-esque laws requiring a sound to be played when Siri is activated, much like how a shutter noise must be played when a photo is taken.

This is a good example of a pointless law. Sure, the cameras make a "shutter sound" when taking a photo, but they don't make a sound when recording video. When Siri activates, it does make sound, but if you want to activate it by voice, clearly it needs to listen all the time for the keyword (or whatever sounds like the keyword). There's no way around that.

So, what are you going to do, require bright flashing lights on all cameras/microphones?

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