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I was genuinely interested in this but saw some issues in the pricing. The "starter" is for "up to 100 users" but then the "Organization Wide" plan is for 500 users and over. What happens in the gap between 101 and 499 users? Also, Office 365 integration is only available for companies with over 500 users, which makes it not really useful for me - I want (need) that integration, but would only have about 60 users. So, for those reasons, I had to pass. Everything else looked great, but there is a huge gap in features and pricing for small to mid-sized companies not yet at the 500 mark.

Thanks for your honest feedback, really helpful. We provide the 365 integration for any size of customer, our pricing page just reflects what typical asks are at each size. For example, many large companies want to kick off a quick pilot of 1-200 people before rolling out, and don't want to bother their IT team.

We provide a tiered pricing on usage. If you change your mind, don't hesitate to reach out and we'll sort your plan out.

Sharing this feedback with the team for our site.

Maybe I'm misunderstanding your target customer. Are you only focused on enterprise?

The pricing comes across as something like "forced obsolescence." Forced handicapping? You might not have meant it that way but many of the features in the professional plan are useful for companies of any size. Like Google apps integration is a standard feature. I could see on-prem SSO (I think Oracle does things like this?) but my company deosn't get automatic calendar invites??

In agreement w/ the comment you're replying to, I wouldn't try this because the base features aren't useful enough and the pricing feels very customer-unfriendly.


If good scheduling is necessary for a mentoring program to be successful (I'm guessing it is), then you shouldn't withhold the feature unless you intend to make lower paying customers less successful with the platform.

Thanks - its helpful to understand how this resonated and how it's perceived at different sizes of companies.

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