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Inline styles (AFAIK) cannot be made responsive, are a pain to override given their high precedence, and do not provide any constraints—Tailwind is a design system too.

From a size perspective, compression takes care of the repetition pretty well. Utility classes allow for better reuse, meaning the overall page often is, in fact, lighter.

Nowadays most pages are put together using some kind of components anyway, so changes are that your button is already defined in one place. Otherwise you can extract your own button class.

Also see my reply to bbmario.

Even if compression is the solution for most users, I would love to have a generator on the web site where I can click on "blue" and "orange" (because that's my color scheme and my site will never use teal), not click on "forms", "buttons" and "hover", and I get a quasi-minimal version of the CSS file.

My smallish sites don't use build pipelines and post-generators and so on, I'd just like a reasonably-sized CSS file to include.

(I realize that's a niche use of those frameworks)

Oh, and if I may dream, https://caniuse.com/#feat=css-apply-rule throughout all browsers would be great!

This spec unfortunately does not appear to be alive and well.

https://tabatkins.github.io/specs/css-apply-rule/ https://www.xanthir.com/b4o00

I’ve actually been really enjoying using Hugo with PostCSS for static sites. You can run PurgeCSS automatically and have it remove all the unused crap from a CSS framework. Suddenly, it’s only 40KB for a full design system.

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