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Yeah at a first glance this looks like putting style in html except by using classes rather than `style` attribute. Cool for prototyping I guess.

I've found that since using Tailwind I've got a deeper understanding of CSS, got a greater understanding of UI design (Adam Wathan's tutorials are great) and produce and replicate designs quicker and easier.

It's a design system with constraints, which automatically gives me fewer and better options.

Using something like Bootstrap is probably easier and quicker if you're unfamiliar with writing CSS though.

All in all, quite far from styling with inline `style` (but it takes a bit of learning on the thought process behind it).

Could you elaborate a bit more? I understand how something like this would help with understanding UI design as it abstracts away the unnecessary details of CSS. However without digging into what these classes actually do I don't understand how it helps with understanding of the actual CSS.

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