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Hey everyone!

I tweeted a video of the app in action here: https://twitter.com/utkarshkukreti/status/115832371651577856...

I made this TailwindCSS Playground over the last two weeks. I really like the core idea of Tailwind and the productivity gains it gives and would like to build more stuff with it in the future!


* Compile custom @tailwindcss config and CSS in the browser

* Live preview in 5 screen sizes

* Class name autocompletion with CSS definition preview

* Save code online or export .zip

* Vim/Emacs/Sublime key bindings + Emmet

I love when in-browser editors support vim keybindings :)


I _had_ to add it -- I can't write code without vim keybindings!

It looks great. Do you know of any good tutorials for Tailwind to accompany the site?

Adam Wathan (creator of Tailwind CSS) is working on an excellent screencast series about using Tailwind: https://tailwindcss.com/screencasts. I highly recommend watching it.

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